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This 1800 square feet home was located in Surat, Gujarat. It was purchased with the basic Vastu Shastra principles in mind. A client was looking for in-depth Vastu analysis of the site from the experience Vastu Consultant.

According to the Vastu study, when there is a balance of the physical environment in the house, there will be a balance in the lives of the people who live in that building. The purpose of Vastu is to align your space with a universal structure. A home must reflect good vibes.

Vastu Findings | Vastu Consultant Surat:-

  • A huge terrace was provided by the builder towards the north. Open space towards the north and east brings abundance and success in life. As a result, it helps to increase your wealth.
  • The location of the main door towards the north-east indicates growth and prosperity. The front entrance is very important as this is an area where auspicious energy enters. It should always be in the auspicious zone.
  • A perfect rectangular dining table shape assures family harmony and togetherness.
  • Extension of the house towards the south needs a strong Vastu correction. A projection in the south is causes unwanted worries.
  • The true location of the toilet in the south of the south-west zone will help in controlling unwanted expenditure in the house.
  • Sink in the kitchen towards the south needs relocation.
  • Southwest zone associated with a master of the house and has been kept exclusively for the owner of the house. Most importantly, it guarantees love and harmony amongst the couple.
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Vastu rectifications | Vastu Consultant Surat:-

  • vastu-consultation-design-We recommended the water body and temple in the northeast zone. As a result, it will attract tranquil vibrations for the home. Water has both a revivifying and a purifying role. Water is a significant Vastu element needed to generate pure vibes.
  • Improve the vibrations of the house by hanging a  crystal chandelier in the center of the house. Crystal chandeliers have the ability to engender the feeling of elegance and warmth in the space. If you wish to add an extra spark to your home design, consider adding chandeliers.
  • The owner was keen on installing marble flooring in the house which was objected by us. We suggested using ivory colored marbonite tiles.
  • The owner was facing health issues in his previous house. Like him, many people struggle with health issues. You cannot climb higher in all important areas of your life if you do not have enough physical energy. Improvement in health is possible only when your interior and exterior surrounding is in harmony. Enhance the eastern sector of the house to attract healthy energy. Provide a bigger window, sunrise painting, and also few Vastu plants in this zone.
  • Treat common toilets in the north zone with the bathroom crystals to reduce the negative impact.
  • Correct extension of the house towards the south by using Vastu energy crystals as well as  Vastu partition strips.
  • Finally, Divide the entire house into nine zones. Enhance each zone with Vastu metal, wooden, and also earth pyramids based on the directions.

With simple Vastu planning, it is now possible to live a prosperous and abundant life forever. It is also beneficial for children to perform better in their studies as well as a career.

Does Vastu help in city planning?

Modern buildings are facing randomly in any directions in big cities. It is causing certain violations of natural laws. These violations are multiplying day by day. It produces social stress, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle. There are lesser happy, healthy, and also successful people in such cities.

The ideal option available is to rebuild the entire city in the following stages:-

  • Stage-1 Evaluate the city surrounding
  • Stage-2 Plan City roads with good connectivity
  • Stage-3 Build City residential as well as commercial grid
  • Stage-4 Demolish the existing city structure

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surat-vastu-consultantAbout Surat:– Fastest growing Surat is a modern city located in the western part of India in the state of Gujarat. Surat is a hub to the diamond and textile industry. According to an estimate, Surat accounts for 90% of the world’s total rough diamond cutting and polishing. In textiles, Surat contributes 40 to 50 percent of the nation’s total man-made fabric production, 30 percent of the nation’s total man-made fiber production. Surat is now the fourth cleanest city in India and the fourth fastest-growing city in the world. Vesu, Adajan, VIP Road, Piplod, Dumas Road, Parley point and, also Nanpura are some of the popular residential locations in the Surat.

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