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I have always been interested in Vastu shastra because I believe it plays an essential part in the ups and downs of our personal life. I really need your help. My mother has selected this flat mainly for the excellent entrance in the northeast. But since we have shifted to this house, we could not save any money to repay the loan. We also need improvement in children’s behavior. We use a bedroom in the west and our children use a bedroom in the south-west with my mother. One more thing about the different theory of every consultant practice. How to choose a consultant who is an expert & also a trustworthy one? —- Singh-Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Finding as per Vastu Consultant Navi Mumbai

The Site is more open towards the south and west, which is a major Vastu defect. This indicates more load on the east and north.
The Shape of the house clearly shows a missing northeast corner. If you have a cut in the northeast zone, it will be difficult for you to get peace of mind.
The Kitchen in the eastern zone is acceptable but not a sound location for the fire element.
Children become disobedient if they are using the southwest zone as their bedroom. They will be more demanding and hesitant to study for a longer duration.

After Vastu reading has been done for the above plan, team Vastuplus recommended the following changes

  • Improve and enhance an earth element with the yellow rocks, lead metal, and earth cubes. Also, use a dark curtain in the window.
  • Missing the northeast corner means a weaker water element. Introduce water features with silver metal, pearls, and fresh flowers. This is a superb correction for the northeast fault.
  • Introduce fire elements in the south-east zone which will help to protect you from any liquidity issues.
  • Children should be shifted to the western bedroom to reduce their dominance problem. Shift owner’s bedroom towards the southwest. This will give you some mental relief from financial issues.

How to choose a consultant who is an expert & also a trustworthy one?

The selection of the consultant should always be on your instinct. Avoid those who use superstitious theory. Vastu is all about the type of vibrations, element harmony, the flow of energy, location, and also directions.

Some Vastu experts will give written analysis, and others will simply provide verbal recommendations.

Real consultants can only make recommendations that will enhance the positive areas of your space and reduce the influence of negative factors based on strong Vastu principles. When balancing your environment you are then more likely to make the right decisions for yourself and your family.

We provide a written report with all of our findings and recommendations. It also includes charts, graphs, and tables. This makes it easier for our clients than having to remember everything said during consulting hours.

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