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One of the local Vastu Consultant Kolhapur has advised some changes in our house but we could not find them effective after implementation. Please provide some quick remedies as well as changes in the plan.- Kadam, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Kolhapur

Vastu Consultant Kolhapur

Vastu findings | Vastu Consultant Kolhapur:-

  • The shape of the plot is irregular and has an extensiontowards the North West (Type of fault-Major Vastu defect). Extended north-west causes defamation, mental unrest, financial crisis and poor relationship with people in network.
  • The construction of the site is made towards the north and northeast, leaving more open space on south and west (Type of fault – Major Vastu defect). More open space in the west  may invite financial hurdles in business or career. It may also cause energy drain and effort on any go to waste.  More margin towards the south impacts health of owner as well as other family members. There will be a incidences of frequent hospitalization.
  • Kitchen falls in the northeast zone (Type of fault-Major Vastu defect). It impacts on financial health of the home. There will be stressful situation in the home. Peace of mind is lost, if kitchen falls in the north-east.
  • Septic tank is located  at south-west in the open plot (Type of fault-Major Vastu defect). It is highly damaging to the owner of the house. Due to this there will be more expenditure in the house than income. 

Vastu corrections | Vastu Consultant Kolhapur:-

Based on 21 vastu energy efficient techniques, we suggest implementing the following vastu changes remedies:-

  1. Build a Vastu boundary to cut off the excess margin. This will  place a house in a rectangular plot. Rectangular shape indicates stability and prosperity.A rectangular property is considered to have the very best vastu values.  Cut off area can also be used as a garden.  Alternatively you can use brass strips  as a virtual correction to cut off the extension area. You can  place a septic tank in the extra margin plot in the north-west zone.
  2. Grow audumber in the south west zone to enhance earth element of the property. Audumber represent guru tatva. According to Vastu, this is one of the highly recommneded tree in the south-west. It indicates good support in the earth zone.
  3. Provide bigger windows towards the east of the house.  East is the direction in which the sun rises. Sun is a prime source of vitamin D, which is very essential for the health of entire family.
  4. Shift kitchen towards the south east zone  of the house.  Kitchen in the south east zone provides  warm and inviting energy. Use energy shifters , if physical shifting is not possible. Also all internal placement should  encourage and attract liveliness into your kitchen.
  5. Place good paintings in the living as well as bedroom. Art fills the space with joy, as it provides you inner calmness and happiness.

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