vastu-customer-qualtiyCustomer satisfaction and retention increases your customers’ lifetime value and boosts your income. It also helps you build amazing relationships with your new as well as existing customers. Good quality customer service  or  products keeps customers coming back. With the economy in recession, customers have more alternatives than ever. Hence quality of your service or product will either enhance or degrade customer loyalty to your brand as well as  your business.

Vastu assures all round success to your business venture, if all principles of Vastu are followed, observed and, also  implemented from the date of inception.

 What does Vastu  have to do with the quality of product or services ?

Fortunately, you can use the ancient tools and technquies of Vastu Shastra to help you draw more clients , create a harmonious space  that attracts clients, builds a financial foundation for business  and provides an increased feeling of target  achievement.

Here are a few ways that Vastu can help generate better working environment to create defect free product or services:-


  • Your manufacturing unit should be located towards the south-west zone of your plot or  premises. This zone should be fully constructed and utilized for the manufacturing activities.  A higher, taller and, also heavily loaded structure should present in the south west. It attract lots of prosperity as well as new clients for the business.

Open Space

  • Provide more open space towards the north east direction. It is  most auspcious to have space here to attract quaility business clients. Such open space brings prestige, popularity, good will and, also  reputation for your business. Such Vastu planning will benefit company  to produce quality goods or provide quaility services to  your client.

Water Element

  • Water is the  key element o Vastu Shastra. It is associated with creation of wealth. All underground water bodies should be towards the north east. Water bodies like bore well, underground tank, rain water harvesting tank, water fountain etc. are the soure of water element. Water has immediate impact on quality of services or goods manufactured.


  • Avoid installing  electronic transformer, septic tank or toilet block in the north-east zone. Due to this, Company may find product or services getting frequent rejections.
  • Consider  of hill or elevated land towards the  north east  a big vastu defect. Such arrangement will be solely responsible for the bad quality product. Company will never be able to provide a satisfied services to the customer or a defect free product to the buyer.
  • Avoid  slope towards the south west of the plot, which  indicates downward business activities.  Profit and gains may show a downward trend year after year.

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