Vastu Shastra for Home Decor

Vastu Shastra for Home Decor

Vastu Shastra for Home Decor

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Vaastu provides tools and guidelines for analyzing and correcting the flow of energy into and through your space. Vastu rules are helpful in the arrangement of rooms and the placement of furniture to create a smooth pathway for energy through a home or office (home decor).

The Entrance

The entrance to your home is a first impression, a welcome, and a foretaste of home all in one. In a way, it sets the tone for your lives inside the house and can have a huge effect positive or negative on your moods and perceptions. If you enter someone’s house and the first space you see is dark and crowded and oppressive, what kind of the first impression does that give you? How welcome do you feel? Choose pleasant, meaningful objects to welcome visitors when we open our front doors and step inside.


Plants have an important role to play in home decoration. It is said that they bring life force or Prana into the home and keep the air clean. Plants filter the air we breathe and add vitality and good green energy to our rooms. The plant should be strong and healthy. Sick plants should be avoided. Many potted plants need very little care, and they repay a minimum of effort on our part with so much benefit


Cheering, uplifting sunlight is such a necessity for the human body, mind, and spirit. Morning Sun rays are auspicious. Make an arrangement so that you get maximum morning sunlight.

Murals and Paintings

Environmental graphics has helped bridge the gap between nature and modern architecture by creating wall murals and paintings that bring these natural patterns inside. From an energetic standpoint, their influence will resonate throughout the home. For optimal results, it is advisable to place a mural or paintings that support both you and your home by following Vaastu rules.


Every color has a unique vibration all of its own, and this can significantly affect how you feel in a room or house. You can use the colors according to its characteristics.

Green, Red, Pink

The green color is very restful but combines with an energizing quality. Green brings balance and harmony, healing, and rejuvenation to a room, and can be used as a calming place for people who are troubled or in need of refreshment.
The red color is a powerful and stimulating color. It will energize, inspire activity and movement. It can also be exhausting and overpowering, and stressful for those who are anxious.
Pink is less demanding. Choosing a red bedroom would not be restful, although some red can be used to enhance sensuality.
Orange will encourage happy, joyful, social gatherings. While an orange dining room or family room can stimulate the appetite, it is a great choice for such gathering places. Orange enhances parties. Communication, positive feelings, and general good cheer.

Yellow, Blue Purple & White

Yellow rooms inspire intellectual clarity, organization, clear-headed articulate thinking, and happy energy. Yellow is considered a color for the logical left side of the brain. It is also very bright and somewhat energizing, so one needs to choose its placement with care. A yellow office might be intellectually beneficial, but not allow restful downtime, for example, so one might want to decide to include yellow accents instead of painting each wall yellow.

Blue can be often chosen for bedrooms and meditation rooms because its cool energy is very calming, restful, peaceful, and spiritual. Blue helps inspire a quiet meditative quality, and color therapy with blue has been found to reduce blood pressure. It  is also useful to soothe one to sleep.
Purple is very comforting, protective, spiritual, and calming. It is a rich color, which inspires faith, intuition, and trust. Entire rooms painted purple could be overpowering, but a light violet could provide a very healing and calming atmosphere.
White rooms work anywhere combined with accent colors. White is very purifying, uplifting and cleansing, although too much white can reflect a sterile, isolated quality. Ceilings in white are recommended because they reflect light and brighten any room.

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