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Agni (Fire)

Sun is the most vital source of energy and light. It is the soul of the universe. Formation of day and night, charge in seasons is brought about by the movement of the Sun in relation to the movement of the earth. Fire element is related to our sense of sound, touch, and sight. It is difficult to imagine life on earth without the Sun.The Sun’s rays can be split into 7 plus 2 colors. Beginning from the very beneficial ultra-violet rays in the Eastern side corresponding to North-East, the Sun’s rays further split into violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (VIBGYOR) and intra-red in South-East.
The direction that lies midway between the east and the south is known as Agneya (south-east). Agni (fire) is the lord of this direction. He is the preserver and defender of every being. Agni also carries the message of people who worship and offer oblations with devotion to God. Worshippers of Agni are economically strong and long living. Agni himself takes care of the people who make offerings into him. Agni also provides them with comfort, peace, prosperity, and progeny.

While constructing a house, the first pillar must be erected in the south-east direction. Alternatively, the kitchen of the house should occupy a place in this direction. This is the foremost and an essential rule of VAASTU Shastra. The first day of every month also represents the element fire. A warm Agneya direction makes a man healthy, whereas a wrong use makes the owner short-tempered.

Important Points About Fire Placement, Fire in the Southeast or Northwest

The southeast is the home of the fire element, and the northwest is the home of the air element. Because of the interconnectedness of these two elements, fire features should only be placed in the southeast of the house or industries.  This includes kitchens, stoves, fireplaces, open flames and outdoor cooking features. Kitchen in the south-east nourishes life and symbolizes prosperity. Fire in the north-west does not harm, but never gives any positive benefits.

Fire in the Northeast or Southwest

A fire feature should not be situated in the southwest or northeast quadrant of a property, building or room. A kitchen or fireplace, for example, in the southwest brings conflicts and arguments. A kitchen or fireplace in the northeast will cause whatever money you make to ‘burn up’ and go away. It also brings health problems, conflicts, and arguments.

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