Bangalore office Vastu

Boost Productivity and Energy in Your Office

Are you looking to create a more productive and energized workspace? Look no further than the ancient practice of Vastu Shastra. By incorporating key principles of Vastu into your office design, you can transform your workspace into a harmonious environment that promotes productivity and enhances your overall well-being.


By implementing Vastu principles, you can optimize the energy flow in your office, creating a conducive environment for success. Whether you work in a traditional office or a home office, these principles can be applied to any space, big or small. So let’s dive into the basics of Vastu and discover how you can create a harmonious workspace that boosts your productivity and energy levels.

The five elements—Wind, Fire, Earth, Space, and Water—play a crucial role in Vastu. Each element is associated with a specific direction and qualities and when properly balanced, they contribute to a harmonious environment

A Case Study on Bangalore Office


Vastu finding of the above office

Particulars of Bangalore office Effects
Front Entrance in the west Business gain but limited profit
The Centre of the office loaded with a working desk Good stability but more expenses
Office extended in the southeast zone  is a major Vastu fault Aggressive nature of people, more expenses
Bathrooms in the southeast are negative More expenses, pressure on profit
Few of the staff faces south-west which is negative Poor performance
Executives are placed in the northern zone Less control over the staff
Admin has seating in the southwest Becomes dominant person
The receptionist facing in the wrong direction No welcoming nature
Manager seating in the south Good location

Bangalore office Vastu recommendations

Suggestions Existing Rating Improve Rating
Move the front entrance in a more positive direction B+ A
Change the orientations of the desk facing south-west C A
Move the Director cabin towards the south-west B+ A+
Cut off the Extension area with Vastu partition strips C B
Move the desk from the centre C A
Move the executives towards the west C A
Improve the reception area with Vastu tools C A
Introduce the motivational Vastu paintings in the staff area B A+
Introduce mountain paintings in the director’s cabin B A+


  • Position director’s desk in the “Commanding Position”: In Vastu the “Commanding Position” refers to a placement that gives you a sense of control and security, allowing you to focus better and feel more empowered.
  • Colours have a profound impact on our emotions and energy levels. In Vastu, each color corresponds to a specific element and can affect different aspects of your work. Follow a colour chart given in the Vastu report.
  • Keep every desk as clear and clutter-free as possible. Only have essential items within reach, such as your computer, notepad, and a few pens. Use organizers and trays to keep loose papers and office supplies neatly arranged.
  • Balance the elements: As mentioned earlier, the five elements—Wind, Fire, Earth, space, and Water—play a crucial role in the Vastu system. To create a harmonious space, incorporate these elements in your office design. For example, have a small tabletop fountain (Water) for a calming effect in the northeast zone of your office.

Above Bangalore, office Vastu has been analyzed by our team “vastu plus” along with a detailed Vastu report,  tables, grid, and Charts