How to Attract Good Vastu Vibration in the living room

The practice of Vaastu does not require the drastic reconstruction of rooms or houses. It would be a mistake to equate the potency of the practice with the scale or subtlety of the change made. Often, all that is required is a shift of a few degrees in the placement of a door, energetic painting, artwork, a tiny difference in the location of tables, a new plant, and also some light in a corner. The objective is to create and attract good vibrations on the premises. 

In most households, the living room is the core of the home. With numerous activities taking place here, dining, entertaining, sleeping quarters for guests, studying, and playing, hence Vaastu can play a significant role in promoting a positive environment.  It’s called the living room because it’s basically where the living takes place.

The main seating should be in the southwest of the living room, a zone of earth element. Bulky sofas are better placed in the southwest corner. Due to such arrangements, a person sitting on the couch faces beneficial directions east or north.  This will create not only a comfortable but also a harmonious environment. Do not place any heavy objects or furniture in the northeast. 

Artwork in Living Room

A picture of a rock mountain on the south wall is auspicious and supportive. Paintings and wall arts are the ways of expression, a way of joy, a way of making people understand things that can’t be done verbally. Everything that is beautiful is an art and can be displayed on the wall according to Vastu suggestions. Artwork provides us with inner calmness, joyful vibes, and happiness.

Shoe rack should be avoided in the northeast zone. This is a zone of tranquility and pure energy. Shoes carry outside energies to your premises which may be positive or negative.

Colors for positive vibes

The Living room should have warm colors, comforting accessories, and also soft fabrics. Religious images or statues should ideally be in the northeast, a zone of tranquility of the living room. This will attract positive vibrations in the seating area.

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