7 Worst Vastu Home Features

A Fantastic part about Vastu Shastra is that it can change from unfavorable to Favorable. A simple example, a person who is reasonably talented, smart, qualified, and working very hard- Why doesn’t he or she is successful? Maybe it has nothing to do with that person but rather, the space they surround. It’s their space vibrations. For some people, it is difficult to believe that their abode is influencing their lives. But how can you know this? You could feel it.

Vastu shastra, a pure cosmic science can quickly point out how you are getting a bad impact in your life by living in bad Vastu homes. Five Vastu elements, i.e. earth, water, fire, space & wind are very powerful natural forces. When they are placed in an incorrect manner, the effects are harmful. (sometimes very severe). Our home combined with energy represents our life either in good or bad ways.

We give you the seven worst Vastu home feature that needs your quick attention. If some of these features exist in your home, then you might be suffering in your life because of them.

1. Sleeping under the overhead beam

overhead beam vastuThe overhead beam causes health challenges for the person. It generates a downward cutting energy flow. Beam over the bed creates a feeling of pressure above you. A part of the body that is continuously exposed under the beam may experience the impact of suppressed energy. For example, a person lying in bed with a stomach under the feet may experience digestive problems. If a beam hangs over the head, a person may have a migraine problem.

2. T-Junction or Dead End Road

t junction veedhi shoola vastuPremises located at T junction falls under the significant Vastu defect category according to the Vastu Shastra. The Situation When a house faces a T-junction, it is like a gun being pointed straight at the home. The T-junction acts like a funnel drawing negative energies towards the house. People staying in such homes are always in troubles. Business premises located at the T junction will face instability. Pollution will be at high intensity at T junction.

Like T junction, sure dead-end road (veedhi shoola) directions also has a severe impact on the house owners. Home or business properties with the road ending at the north of north-west, east of south-east, west of south-west and south of south-west needs stronger space healing Vastu corrections or remedies. Click here to read the complete article on how T-junction impacts your home & life as per Vastu.

3. Kitchen in the North-East or South-West

kitchen vastuThe Kitchen is the heart of any house. It represents nourishment & prosperity. Kitchen, when planned against the Vastu rules can negatively impact on the fate of the inhabitants. A  fireplace in the northeast will cause whatever money you make to burn up and go away. It also brings health problems, conflicts, and arguments. A kitchen or fireplace, for example, in the southwest brings disputes and arguments. The earth element of the south-west will cause love & romance missing from your married life. Read article on 10 Clever Vastu ideas to improve & protect healthy energy in your cooking zone- Kitchen Vastu Shastra

4. Floor or Roof slope towards the South or South-West

slope vastuLand or house with a slant towards the south or south-west is not considered as a good Vastu location. Such locations are victims of endless illness & misfortune. An apartment or flat having a lower flooring in the south or south-west has a similar Vastu impact mentioned above. This principle also applies to the slope of the roof. Avoid home or business locations with the roof sloping towards the south or south-west. Such houses find difficulties in money saving & also suffers from frequent illness.

5. L Shape Property

L shape house properties vastuL shape homes & offices indicate a missing corner. It creates zero or lesser energy strength for the element of the missing corner.

  • Missing corners (Corner cut) at south-east causes sickness to female members, court matters, and financial losses.
  • A reduction in south-west affects relationships & progress.
  • A missing north-west corner could harm relationships in your business & personal network.
  • A cut in the north-east causes a shortage of money, quarrel & health issues in the family.
  • Also, a house having a missing center (brahmasthan)is like inviting problems to stay in your home.

6. Bathroom or Toilets Locations

vastu for toilet bathroomSeriously, bathrooms have a bad reputation in Vastu evaluations. The wrong location of the bathroom has the potential to harm your finances, relationship, health & education.
A toilet in the south-east impacts the fire element of this quadrant. It reduces the stamina, vitality & strength of the inhabitants.
A  toilet in the north-east could seriously harm the prosperity, education & health of the family
A toilet in the south-west corner causes relationship issues, late marriages & slow personal growth.

7. Three or more Doors in a Single Line

three doors vastuEnergy flow enters the house through the main entrance. Three or more door in a straight line creates negative rhythm in the house. The Energy produced through this process is harmful to the occupant & his/her family. It will be challenging to maintain stability in the job, accumulations of savings & investments, sustaining good health, or keeping relationships smooth and harmonious. Most of the time three or more door in a line creates major financial problems.

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