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As a full-time Vastu Consultant, we are asked many, many specific questions about the home as well as business Vastu.

The questions range from
the specific:

Where should the painting of relationships be in my bedroom to create the loving energy?
What should I do if my house is located at T junction on the Southeast corner?
To the general:
Is the main door/entrance of my house is in the auspicious or inauspicious direction?
What material should be used in a prayer room?
What painting should I hang as per Vastu on the west wall of my living room?
You might also have a query related to missing or extended corners (north-east, south-east, north-west or south-west), the direction of sleeping, kitchen location & remedies, toilet (bathroom) location & remedies etc.
So when you ask us a question, It is important to acknowledge our team expertise with some form of compensation.

[Some specific queries- What are the remedies for the kitchen in the south-west or northeast,  Where to place a  Kubera?  What are the solutions for the pillar in the center? What is the best place for a staircase in the house? Where to place a stove and sink in the north-west kitchen?  What should be an ideal size for the master bedroom?  How to improve children’s education? Where do I place a Kubera? , How to enhance travel luck?.  What is the best place to keep elephants?, How to cure corner cuts? How to correct extended corners?]

Vastu Query / Question (Maximum two questions) Fees Rs.1500/- (US $ 25 approximately )
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Team Vastuplus

Nitien Parmar Chief Vastu Consultant 28 Years of Expertise in Vaastu Shastra.

Nitien Parmar is supported by a team of various professionals who look after Website Maintenance, Vastu Designs, Client Feedback, IT Engineers, Marketing Executives & Strategists, and back-office support staff.

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