If you’ve finally found the house or office you’d like to live or work in, you can have it evaluated for Vastu. Is it the right time to seek Vastu’s advice before signing papers? Do you want to know whether it will bring success, prosperity, good health, or positive vibes? You never know… This is the best time to seek Vastu’s advice before signing papers.

Many people are aware of the significance of acquiring a house, plot, or business location with good Vastu in order to benefit from its positive effects and turn them into a “Prosperity Booster”.

Having a Vastu analysis or Vastu opinion before you buy a property is extremely valuable and beneficial, because some premises carry poor energy, and repairing them may take a long time and a lot of money.

vastu-opinionWhen to seek a Vastu opinion?

  1. While buying a new apartment or villa.
  2. Buying a plot for home or factory.
  3. Buying a resale residential or commercial property
  4. Making an addition to an existing property or buying neighboring premises.
  5. Buying a sick unit
  6. Getting an offer for the redevelopment  of old building
  7. Buying an auction property
  8. Acquiring or buying  a hotel
  9. Buying an existing hospital
  10. Got offers for buying a restaurant
  11. Buying a shop or showroom

Things to Know Before Committing to a Property Deal

When you are looking at buying a property, it is important to understand how Vastu can help improve your life. While the ancient technique is still relevant in today’s world, it is important to use it wisely and in the right way.

Here are some Vastu opinion tips that you can use when buying a home to help you make the right decisions and avoid regretting your purchase in the future.

Do Your Homework – The first and most important thing that you need to do is research the area where you want to buy your property. While you will use Feng Shui to guide your decision-making, it is important to make sure that the location is also suitable based on other factors like transportation and access to services. Once you have narrowed down your options, it is also a good idea to speak to a Vastu practitioner about the area. They may be able to give you a better idea about certain aspects of the neighborhood that you might not be able to find online.

Bring in a Professional – While it is important to do your own research and make sure that you understand the basics of Vastu, it is also a good idea to bring in a professional when you are buying a property. The main reason for this is that you want to make sure that you are not overlooking any serious issues with the property that is not visible to the untrained eye. A Vastu practitioner will be able to identify any negative chi patterns in the property and make recommendations on how to correct them.

Role of Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient Vedic system that helps people harmonize their surroundings with the flow of energy in the universe. The practice involves analyzing the environment around you, including your living spaces, the flow of energy, etc., and then using special strategies to either enhance or block the flow of energy to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Vastu Shastra also helps people identify negative energy patterns in their homes and, more importantly, learn how to transform them into positive energies using the right tools and techniques. This can help improve one’s quality of life both mentally and physically.

Selecting from multiple plans


Every apartment or villa is different from the others in many different ways. Comparing apartments is a difficult task and can be professionally evaluated by experts.

Therefore, if you are starting the apartment search you need to dig deep to do the comparative Vastu analysis of different apartments.

How to make useful comparisons

Evaluation of zone of the front entrances

Home with auspicious entrances is sold and booked quickly. Vastu grid will help you to determine the exact location of the front door.

The shape of the house or plot

Our homes should also be symmetrical, just as we have been blessed with balanced bodies. Irregularly shaped properties block the flow of cosmic energy. Multiple missing or extended corner property indicates a difficult life path.


The location of the bedroom is crucial to create a safe and sacred environment to restore our energy.

Bedrooms can be allotted based on their function and the person who will be using them. The bedrooms should be located in the most compliant part of the house.

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The direction of your bathroom is very crucial according to Vastu. For example, a house with a bathroom in the center of the house is highly damaging. A bathroom door facing the front door or the kitchen is considered poor Vastu because it interferes with the energy flow of the house. Be sure to check the floor plan for the location of the bathrooms before committing to a purchase.

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The kitchen is said to be connected with the family’s health and financial well-being, according to Vastu Shastra. It is risky and not secure to have a  kitchen at the center of the house. A kitchen in the fire zone is the strongest feature in any building layout.

Get Vastu opinion Report before making a final deal

Send us the map or layout or floor plan to get Vastu opinion on the site. The opinion report will indicate the positive and negative placement of the site, the strengths of the site, and recommendations on buying. This report will not include the internal layout or detailed report.
Get quick feedback on the property or properties you are buying like home, residence, office, factory, shop, industries, hotels, schools, motels, resorts, shopping complexes, malls, plots, or villas.

Our Vastu opinion report will include:-

  1. Vastu findings of the site indicate positive and negative placements on the premises
  2. Vastu Suggestions after analyzing a plan. It includes suggestions on changes required in the space.
  3. Notes on Vastu Corrections as well as remedies-Few simple remedies and corrections to align the energy of the house with the Vastu elements.
  4. Vastu Strength about the site. This is a Vastu score of the property which may be A+, A, B+, B, C+, or C. This rating can be improved by following the recommendations given in the Vastu report.
  5. Vastu Opinion about the site.

Opinion Consultation Fees

Mail us a floor plan/options to know our Vastu opinion charges. Fees can be paid by PayPal or by online payment methods.

Contact details:-

Email:- info@vastuplus.com  or just dial +91-9987140064

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